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Introducing Soft Locking: Lock Your Valuable Crypto Assets

We’re excited to announce our latest feature to our security toolbelt - soft locking!

What is soft locking?

Soft locking is our latest feature to our Security Dashboard & Browser Extension that allows you to protect your most valuable assets. Since the Wallet Guard extension simulates your transactions, we are able to block any transaction which is attempting to move an asset you’ve locked.

Since we are not locking at the smart contract level, this feature requires 0 gas fees to get started.

PEPE is now locked, preventing me from doing this transaction

What does this protect me against?

The Wallet Guard extension will block any transactions where any of the following are detected:

  • transfers
  • approvals
  • listings of the locked asset
  • bids using the locked asset (ex: WETH)

What does this NOT protect me against?

  • Transfers that occur as a result of a seed phrase or private key theft
  • Transactions that occur on a device that does NOT use the Wallet Guard extension - ex. mobile device or in MetaMask Snaps
    • Similarly, if you’ve uninstalled the extension or disabled the transaction simulation feature, we cannot tell you that a locked asset is being moved
  • If you use Degen Mode, we cannot guarantee that the Wallet Guard popup will appear when using verified marketplaces

Is it easy to unlock?

Yes! You can easily unlock your assets at any time in a matter of seconds.


The only requirements to start using soft locking are:

  1. Install the Wallet Guard extension
  2. Connect your wallet & sign into our Security Dashboard
  3. Revoke all approvals for the given asset, if any

How can I try it out?

Head over to our Security Dashboard’s newest tab - Locked Assets - to try it out!

How do I know it is locked?

Upon locking your asset, we’ll generate you a custom image that you can easily copy & share! Any transactions that attempt to move this asset will now be blocked through the Wallet Guard extension!

Pro tip: if you click the Share on Twitter / X button, we’ll automatically embed the image for you.

What chains are supported?

Right now this feature is only supported on Ethereum mainnet.

More chains such as Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism will be supported soon.

Some assets are missing from this list, how can I lock those?

Native Ethereum (ETH) is not lockable because it's used for too many types of transactions, including gas fees.

Some assets are difficult to index and therefore may not show up on your assets list. For example we saw some issues with the MATIC ERC-20 token, some ENS addresses, and new NFTs. We’ll try to resolve these as soon as possible.


For any further questions or suggestions feel free to drop by our Discord! We also love product feedback and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about soft locking or Wallet Guard products in general.

Published on
March 11, 2024

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