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The most advanced open-source browser extension that identifies scams & wallet drainers before they interact with your preferred wallet.

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while browsing web3


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since June 2022

Defend against
[wallet drainers]

Don’t become the next victim to a scammer.
Protect your crypto with multi-layered defense including scam detection & human-readable transactions.

Human-readable transactions

Say goodbye to hesitations from unreadable signatures & transactions

Proactive Scam

Proactively detect phishing scams & attempts to mimic real websites

Clear Warnings &
Risk Factors

Get warnings while transacting so you can proceed with confidence

Secure your [wallet assets]

Wallet Guard is not a wallet; we help secure your wallet of choice from the latest threats in web3.

NFT Degens

From mints to claims, stay safe knowing you're on the right website & contract.

DeFi Traders

Is that token legit? We help you identify honeypots & risky transactions.

Airdrop Hunters

It may look like a free drop, but is it really? Confirm with Wallet Guard!

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communities protected

"MetaMask is glad to have entered a strategic partnership with Wallet Guard. We look forward to joining our forces to deepen the security education and tools to better the web3 ecosystem and help users stay safe."

Harry @sniko_

Security Engineer at MetaMask

"Wallet Guard gives you AR goggles on your web3 transactions. It is super simple, yet gives you critical warning signs of danger and key pieces of information as you journey in this new digital frontier."

Casey @SmallActGuy

Solutions Architect at Chainalysis

"This is the reason I haven't been scammed during my time in web3."

null.eth @null.eth

Seasoned Degen

Join the 100,000+ wallets already protected

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