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Introducing Degen Mode: Skip on Trusted dApps

We’re excited to be announcing our latest feature — Skipping on trusted dApps!

Users can navigate to their Extension Settings in Wallet Guard to opt in to skipping transaction simulations starting with 5 popular dApps. After listening to lots of user feedback, we are running this as an experiment to improve the popup fatigue and personalization-ability of the Wallet Guard extension.

Which dApps are included?

The first iteration of dApps include OpenSea, Blur, Uniswap, X2Y2 and LooksRare.

What types of transactions are skippable?

This feature will skip:

  • Purchasing NFTs
  • Swapping tokens

Will NOT skip:

  • Sign-in attempts
  • ANY kind of signature such as NFT listings, Permits, etc.
  • Approvals: for NFTs and tokens

As we launch this experiment, we would like your feedback on which types of popups you’re most sick of seeing. As it relates to the list above, sign-in attempts are a quick win so we’re definitely open to adding that next if this feature resonates with you!

But what about cases like the Ledger ConnectKit situation which led to wallets being drained on trusted dApps?

This feature was built with security and customization top of mind.

The Ledger ConnectKit compromise used a combination of methodologies to steal assets, but the 2 primary ways utilized include:

  1. malicious usages of a Set Approval For All transaction - to steal your NFTs and ERC20 tokens
  2. a transaction to steal your entire ETH balance

Both of these scenarios will still trigger a Wallet Guard popup, even with this feature enabled. In other words, don’t worry about compromising your security by enabling this feature.

As we’ve always said, security and convenience are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. Our approach to still pop-up on all approvals is certainly less convenient, but necessary until we figure out how to do so securely. This is why we took a conservative approach for the first iteration of this feature.


Skipping on trusted dApps now allows you to skip the Wallet Guard popup on 5 trusted dApps. For now it’s only a limited set of transaction types, but we’re exploring ways to support more transaction types and dApps in the future. This is an experimental feature so please give us feedback (we check every DM!) on how we can continue to improve your experience and personalization of the Wallet Guard extension.

Thank you for your continued support and let’s keep going with our mission of helping onboard users into web3 securely.

Published on
February 13, 2024

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