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Threat Notification: Inferno Uniswap Drainer

Wallet Guard has detected a novel technique where attackers are leveraging Uniswap contracts to drain assets.

Last week, we protected a user from sending 3.75 WBTC (~$186,000) to a scammer who was using this technique.

How does it work?

To be clear: this is not an exploit in the Uniswap contract and swaps on the official Uniswap website are safe.

This is a new technique being used in the wild by a well-known drainer kit called Inferno Drainer, which allows scammers to re-route certain swaps to themselves.

Without using Wallet Guard, this transaction would not look any different than any normal Uniswap transaction. With Wallet Guard, you can clearly see that you are sending assets for nothing in return.

By leveraging your open approvals to Uniswap contracts, malicious dApps can use several methods to drain your assets. Draining another person's liquidity, repayment of a scammers loan & re-routing swaps to the scammer all seem to be possible attack vectors.

What can you do to prevent this attack?

The Wallet Guard browser extension automates your security by proactively blocking malicious dApps before you even visit the website, connect your wallet, or run a simulation. This gives you peace of mind by showing you exactly what’s going in and out of your wallet on every transaction.

Get the free, open-source Wallet Guard browser extension now to protect your preferred wallet of choice from the latest wallet drainers, risk factors and threats.

Published on
February 19, 2024

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