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Luca Stealer: Open-Source Web3 Malware

⚠️ New Open-Source Malware ⚠️  
🎯 Targeting Web3 🧵  
Code Named:  Luca Stealer  🥷

🔍  High Level:  
- Primarily an info stealer  
- Targets cold/hot wallets  
- Steals discord tokens  
- Steals from over 17 different extensions 👇

Why should you care?

“The malware, which the author claims to have developed in just six hours, is quite stealthy, with VirusTotal returning a detection rate of around 22%.” — Bleeping Computer

The entire code-base for this malware was released for free. 👇

What makes this malware interesting?

🔍 Uses Discord web-hooks OR Telegram bots to communicate back to attacker  
🔍 Written in Rust which allows for easy porting to macOS or Linux  
🔍 Can modify clipboard to attempt to steal crypto by replacing the copied address with theirs.

Why should Web3 Care?

🔲 This malware targets your hot/cold wallets.  
🔲 Could replace copied addresses on clipboard  
🔲 Easy to impact Windows, macOS and Linux  
🔲 Low Detection Rate

What can I do to protect myself?

🔲 Download  [@Malwarebytes]( and get premium  
🔲 Never download random files  
🔲 Always open documents via Google Docs or something similar  
🔲 Check the copied address every-time before sending any transactions.

Sources //

Source code for Rust-based info-stealer released on hacker forums A malware author released the source code of their info-stealer for free on hacking forums earlier this month, and security analysts already report observing several samples being deployed in the wild…

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Published on
August 28, 2022

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