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ChatWeb3 makes onboarding simple. Experience the power of GPT trained on your community for advanced support and product education.

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use cases

Customer Support

ChatWeb3 enhances customer support by handling web3-related queries promptly, reducing wait times, and learning from your unique business data to provide personalized responses.

Product & NFT Education

ChatWeb3 can simplify web3 concepts, talk about community lore, and serve as a personal tutor to your community. We help ensure that your users have the best possible experience with your product.

Discord Bot

ChatWeb3, as a Discord bot, offers real-time web3 assistance, alerts on potential scams, and provides personalized education based on your community's data, fostering a secure and informed Discord server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatWeb3?

ChatWeb3 is a specialized AI chatbot designed to facilitate understanding and navigation of the web3 ecosystem. Utilizing GPT and Langchain, it provides accurate and useful information on web3, blockchain, and security. Additionally, it also offers customized customer support based on your unique content, ensuring users receive personalized assistance aligned with their specific needs and contexts.

How can I add my chatbot to my website?

Each chatbot gets its own unique url, you can embed the chatbot on your own site via the embed code we provide. You can even directly link to the chatbot from your site.

When will I be able to use ChatWeb3?

ChatWeb3 for business is currently in beta and expecting to launch late June 2023. Join our waitlist to get early access!

How is ChatWeb3 different from ChatGPT?

One of ChatGPT's biggest limitations is it's knowledge cutoff of 2021.
With the rate of innovation in blockchain ChatGPT’s efficacy is drastically reduced on web3 topics. ChatWeb3 is powered by ChatGPT, but it's specially designed for blockchain and security topics. It uses a mix of different techniques to deliver the best information.

Will ChatWeb3 be a discord bot?

Yes! ChatWeb3 will also be a Discord bot that offers real-time web3 assistance, alerts on potential scams, and provides personalized tips based on your community's data

What type of content can we use to train the chatbot?

You can use any type of content to train the chatbot. The more content you provide, the better the chatbot will be able to answer the questions.